Jhalak Agarwal: Raised in Meerut , I was a global nomad growing up, always feeling like I could adapt to anything. I’ve always been happiest in environments that foster diversity and value an international perspective. Now 27 years-old and a delhi resident over the past ten years, I am excited to have put down roots personally and professionally here.

I spent three years in delhi and also joined fashion society of my college, I knew very early on during university that I liked the social and fashion life. But I also knew that there was a huge amount I needed to learn and key skills that I needed to develop to succeed. After I graduated from Delhi University in 2015, I joined Ansal group, followed by white hat jr, working in ed-tech. It was an excellent oppurtunity – I learned how to deal with people in real time. Equally important, I learned to work incredibly hard and how to be resilient. Since a long time, I have saved money to give the girls Sunkissed.